Thursday, February 18, 2010

Polish - Comparison: Zoya Yasmeen vs. Nars Purple Rain

Once again, I thought I might have a dupe. Figured this could help someone:

Zoya Yasmeen (Left), Nars Purple Rain (Right)

Oddly, the close up picture of these two make them look more alike to me than they did from far away. The Zoya is definitely more red than the Nars. Purple Rain is a bit darker that Yasmeen. For someone unfamiliar with both of them, I think they could be mistaken for each other though they are not true dupes. Price-wise, Zoya is far cheaper at $7 while the Nars is $16.

I'll have a full Nars Purple Rain mani coming soon. Just wanted to get the comparison out there first and satisfy my own curiosity.