Sunday, February 7, 2010

Polish - Nars Tokaido Express

As promised, here she is in all her beautiful plummy glory. The first time I went hunting for Nars Tokaido Express my local Sephora was out of stock. But when I went to purchase my Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland palette I took the opportunity to snag it up.

As I mentioned in a previous comparison post, I had hoped this would be a dupe for my beloved Lippmann Good Girl Gone Bad. It is not. Not even close. It's darker, more pigmented, and the glitter is smaller. They are like distant cousins. It is a must have for me because I love polishes like this. Nars describes it as a dark Amethyst flecked with gold. I would say that's a lie -the color is more of a wine-plum than an Amethyst which is usually a blue purple stone. They would have been better off comparing it to a garnet if they really had to choose a gem stone for the description.

Nice thick polish. I did use three coats here because I had some unevenness in application. But overall it wasn't bad.

Very nice. I have chipping after a few days, but this mani has been through hell, traveling and packing for a funeral. Suitcases and manicures do not go together, let me tell ya.

Bottom Line
The polish may be overpriced, but I don't consider it a waste of money to have picked up this shade. It is wearable and will be nice on a lot of skintones.