Thursday, February 25, 2010

Polish - Zoya Gwin Cured My Winter- Blahs!

Ever since @Zoya_NailPolish tweeted their advertisement for the Riverie collection and I asked what color the model was wearing in the picture I have wanted Gwin. She landed on my doorstep on Tuesday. Here she is in all her Winter-Blah-Killing Glory!

Seriously, I have such a case of the Winter Blahs Gwin was exactly what I needed to remind me that there are things like "Sun", "Warmth" and "Oranges" in the world.

Here's the cool part - my picture was taken after shower, sleep, and an entire day of work. For me and my peeling nails, you know that normally my polish doesn't last that long with so few chips. What did I use? Zoya Ridge Filler, Anchor, Gwin (2 coats), Armor, and OPI Drip Dry Drops (my bottle of the Zoya drops broke after the first use). Awesome system when all things are working together!

Gwin is a little more red-orange than I was expecting her to be. She's very loud and the exact opposite of my comfort zone. The duochrome is more apparent on the bottle than on the nail, but it does give Gwin more vibrancy. The finish of this polish almost looked plastic to me. Could be an effect of how it dried with my OPI Drip Dry Drops.

2 Coats and totally opaque. No streaking!

As I stated earlier, I used the Zoya Color Lock system this time. I am totally impressed. I applied this Tuesday night, I'm still wearing it with few chips (it is now Thursday afternoon). That's awesome for me!

Bottom Line
Gwin is a good buy if you like the color. But if you're looking for duochromy goodness, I don't think the effect is strong enough to satisfy you. Still, she's a great pick me up for winter!