Friday, February 12, 2010

Project Runway Finally Got Smart! - No More Spoilage For Us!

Don't worry - there's no real spoilage in this post because Project Runway suddenly got smart!

The Final Runway show for Project Runway was today at 9 am. Being stuck in Dayton, the day of the Project Runway show I am usually actively refreshing awaiting designs to start filtering through. This is a little trick I learned from Tara a few years ago. It works amazingly well. I get to see the designs, but I never know who the final contestants are. Sometimes you can guess who they are by the style of the clothing that goes down the runway - often it's not that easy. But it's still exciting.

This time I decided to get creative and chose to follow Twitter for the show. And low and behold they threw a curve ball: 10 of the 11 remaining designers showed their designs on the runway this time.

Now isn't that special. I can learn practically nothing by following Twitter, Getty Images, or stalking the internet. You just made it impossible. Yay Project Runway! You got smart!

So things I learned from this (which isn't much and I won't name names):
  • Who the guest judge is (yawn)
  • Who gets kicked off next (mild boo)
  • One of my favorites has a dress that falls apart on the runway (oh no!)
  • A collection featured models who looked like the Addicted to Love girls (awesome)
  • "Color Me Bad" was the name of a collection, so was "Back to the Future" (LOL)
  • One designer with a strong aesthetic doesn't stray from his/her aesthetic and the pieces sound like they are "expected". (another yawn)
  • Based on comments, I will be SEVERELY disapointed if I never see the collections of two of the participants - one I am surprised about.
Now the commentary on Twitter seems to be this: If 10 contestants got to show their collections, what makes the final 3 so special? "Everyone gets a trophy." I say "Boo". What do you think?