Thursday, February 18, 2010

Quest for My Pretty: Food Diary - Day 2

Guess what? My husband was nice enough to go out and get me a DVD player for downstairs while I'm on my elliptical. Last year, the only time I ever got on at home was during Survivor or the Amazing Race (great shows to work out to). But this year, since there's less of a chance I'll get into the gym at work, it made sense. I have one season of Alias left to watch in my Rambaldi box set - maybe I only watch Season 5 while I'm on my elliptical?

Anyway, on to the food...

Breakfast - At Kwik Bytes (Work's Cafeteria)
  • Breakfast Sandwich - egg, cheese, biscuit
  • Medium Coffee - with skim milk and two sugars
Lunch- At Kwik Bytes (Work's Cafeteria)
  • Small Salad - Mixed Greens, dried cherries, chow mien noodles, cucumber, edemame, and apple cider vinegar for a dressing. (I am terrible at making my own salads, but this sort of tastes like trail mix so I like it).
  • Salami Sandwich - Salami, lettuce, tomato, swiss cheese, mayo on wheat bread
  • Diet Dr. Pepper - I know, I said I'd try flavored water but I looked at what they had and it was so unappetizing. It'll take me some time.
  • Leftover Beef Stew - still good the next day and full of veggies!
  • Sweet Potato Chips
  • Two Bread Rolls
  • Ben & Jerry's Tripple Carmel Chunk

I should add - I did finally, for the first time since May or so, get on the elliptical for 40 minutes today. Yay!