Friday, February 19, 2010

Quest for My Pretty: Food Diary - Day 3

You have no idea how much I'm thinking about what I'm eating now that I'm writing it down. However, I got really derailed at lunch...

Breakfast - at Kwik Bytes (Work's Cafeteria)

  • Bagel with some kind of berry cream cheese - no the best choice, but it would have been this or Grits (yuck), or breakfast sandwich made with a bun instead of a biscuit (yuck).
  • Medium coffee with skim milk and 2 sugars.
Lunch - at Kwik Bytes (Work's Cafeteria)
  • Fish & Chips - but didn't eat all the fries. I know, I said I wouldn't eat fries but I just couldn't help myself. How can you have "fish" without the "chips"?
  • Diet Dr. Pepper.

Happy Hour - my house
  • 2.5 Sam Addams Noble Pils
  • Carrs Table Water Crackers
  • aged Gouda Cheese
Dinner-my house
  • Lean Cuisine Ginger and Garlic Stir Fry with Chicken

Did not get on Elliptical today, but I think my legs will than me for it. I worked too hard my first time back. Anyway we all have bad days. This is s good example of a bad day for me.