Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Rescue Beauty Lounge Mismas, Scrangie, and Orbis Non Sufficit: The Blogger Collection

I've been avoiding reviewing this collection. I've been scared to write it because I knew I was going to be a little negative. And before you ask, no - I do not think I could have done better.

I received these polishes from the Rescue Beauty Lounge sale in December. I'll be honest - I didn't really want to purchase these polishes (especially at then non sale price of $18 a pop) but I felt I wanted to support a company taking chances on collaborating with bloggers I admire in creating new and exciting collections. Since Rescue Beauty Lounge's endeavor, other companies have followed suit such as Barielle with All Lacquered Up, BB Couture with Vampy Varnish, and Zoya (from what I understand) has been naming colors after bloggers with whom they are friendly. Seems like every day I'm hearing of a different collaboration of some kind (thank you Twitter). I think that's pretty much fantastic. Sadly, for budgetary reasons I have not purchased from the other collections yet - just the RBL one.

I applaud ALU, Scrangie and the Polish Addict for taking on this honor. It really is an impossible task: please your readers by creating one unique polish. It really would be impossible to please us all. But if I approached this task, I would have approached it from the perspective of "what are Ji Baek's strenghts?" and "Where are the gaps in her her collection?". Ms. Baek creates beautiful creams (like Mismas and Orbis Non Sufficit), but I don't think either of those fill gaps in The Rescue Beauty Lounge collection. And Scrangie... Scrangie is just different. But if it were me, I don't know what color I would go with... I just know it would have been a cream to take full advantage of Ji Baek's strength. And again, my "dream polish" might not be your dream polish.

Bottom Line

These are all good polishes, but to me they don't feel as special as I was hoping they would be. I think the three polishes taken together do not make a cohesive collection, but that might not be relevant. I'm just not "wowed". (I'm beginning to sound like a Project Runway judge...)

Formula and Application

With the exception of Scrangie, these polishes are opaque in one coat, barely needing two coats. All three have exceedingly easy application, and wear is fantastic. Rescue Beauty Lounge, in my opinion, has a reputation of having impeccable formula. All three of these polishes are no exception.


is a purple duochrome polish that flashes blue-green in the light. I was surprised at how redish purple the base for this polish was. That seemed a rather odd choice of hues for purple. This polish is unlike anything I have ever seen from Rescue Beauty lounge. I believe I remember reading that the inspiration was a beetle's wing. Now when I hear the words "beetles wing" I tend to think of my beloved "Roach Tips" OPI's Black Tie Optional. Clearly, this is a very different polish. It's pretty, but it reminded me way too much of Revon's "Zing" collection to think it is worth paying full price at Rescue Beauty Lounge for it. Scrangie however is a genius - by creating a duochrome she ensured that her polish would be the first to sell out. We all knew it would be popular. Way to go Scrangie!

Mismas is a bold purple cream. Again, there's more red in this purple than I thought there would be based on all the images I have seen (or even my image). I know Michelle chose this color because it was unlike any purple she had in her stash. Really? At first glance I it looked nearly identical to Zoya Pinta (at least my mind's version of Pinta). In Michelle's defense, Zoya Pinta came out about the same time that Mismas did (if I recall correctly) so really, there could be no influence. In any case, I am here to say conclusively "I WAS WRONG". Zoya Pinta and Mismas are NOT dupes. Many of you probably already know this.

Take a look for yourself:

Zoya Pinta (left), and RBL Mismas (right)

See how off I was? And this is why you should never trust my opinion if I'm going from memory.

Do you want to know what's super cool about Mismas? It matches the beautiful "statement bracelet" that reader Sumo gave me for my birthday this past friday:

Awesome "Statement Bracelet" from Sumo

Moving on from being side tracked by kitty jewelry...

Orbis Non Sufficit, became infinately more cool when I googled the words and discovered it means "The World is Not Enough". The Rescue Beauty Lounge site says that Steph is a bond girl at heart - I guess so. Anyway, Orbis Non Sufficit was a suprise for me. I don't usually like green polishes. In fact, I usually really dislike them. This one was just perfect. It was dusty enough that it was unique green. And I got more compliments on it than I usually get on any polish I wear. I didn't want to remove it when it came time to do so.

Overall - If I were purchasing these again, or didn't feel obligated to purchase these, I probably would have passed on them all. They are good polishes to have, but none of them are "must haves" for me. If I were getting only one of them it would be Orbis.