Friday, February 5, 2010

Romeo & Juliet Couture Blowout on Hautelook Right Now!

Just wanted to let you know, Romeo and Juliet Couture is having a "blowout sale" on Hautelook right now. Really good prices, and I R&J for some interesting things to pump up your wardrobe. Great pieces to add interest, I think.

For example look at this T-shirt:

Available for $23.60

But what is interesting is the back...

And this skirt I would love it they had it just one size larger!

Sequin Skirt for $26.22

And I have several very good friends (Sumo, Kara, Tara I'm looking at you) who could rock this dress!

Sequin Dress $44.40

And since we've been talking about leggings and jeggings...

How about Latex Leggings with Zippers for $21.60?

Here's what I'd pick up for myself for Work...

Ruffle Front Blouse $34.50

So what are you waiting for? I can't buy because I'm not skinny enough, but I'm sure many of you can!

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