Thursday, February 18, 2010

Window Shopping - Bluefly says "Knits are a Hit"

Bluefly interrupted my email this morning with a "Knits are a Hit for Spring" email. Well, you know I love knits so I had to take a look to see what they are offering.

Let me say that when I hear "Knits" I'm usually thinking hand knits, so that's where Bluefly and I differ. But that's ok. I still found some things I thought I would share...

Autumn Cashmere Peacoat FairIsle Buckle Vest - $178

It's a little 70's to me, maybe early 80s. but it caught my eye because it reminded me of something I saw on the Knit-along Little Doggie blog a while back. Check out Cambria's blog. The project she worked on could easily be made in a similar colorway and probably turned into a cardigan - if you're a hand knit fan, that is. Super work Cambria!

CO2 Cashmere's Black Koi and Butterfly Hoodie - $126

You know I'm a sucker for the Tatoo-like art. Well, here it is in a knit! Would be something fun for a rainy t shirt-and-jeans day.

Acrobat Grey Silk-Cashmere Open Cardigan - $64

Being a girl with a naturally large belly, I'm loving the open cardigan movement. I suspect that this cardigan would be rather flattering on a variety of body types, provided the sizing is correct.

Autumn Cashmere Black Leopard Cotton Cropped Cardigan - $92

I don't usually like too much animal print, but I saw a friend of mine wearing a similar cardigan recently and it suited her so well I couldn't help but add this to my list here. If you can get away with cropped items, think about this sweater and accessorizing it with something girly - like great heels!

I was really hoping to see some skirts or other pieces in their list - maybe I didn't browse enough. But oh well. I am optimistic!

All images are from Bluefly of course.