Monday, March 22, 2010

Blue Eye Shadow Phobia - Wrap Up

By now you've seen all the looks I was able to pull together last week using Blue Eyeshadow. I wish I had a little more time (or less time at work) and I would have pulled out some crazy ones. But overall I learned a few things for myself that may or may not help you:
  • For Dark Shadows, I prefer using blue as a liner to the crease.
  • I think using too many fosty colors together with blue makes the blue very scary.
  • If you're going to use the blue, really GO FOR IT. Pack that color on. Being too timid makes it look like a mistake.
  • Not every shade of blue looks good on everyone. The one that looks good to you, might not be your best. I love light blues, but Silverbleu shadestick looks a bit tacky on me I think.

There are several shadows I did not get to use this week and I would have liked to include them:
  • MAC Parrot - I've professed my fear of this shadow before, and it is truly beautiful.
  • MAC Mutiny Pigment - If you've been following me you've seen me use this before.
  • MAC Blue Storm Pigment - Honestly, if you have Contrast eyeshadow, I don't see a reason for owning both unless you have a need for a pigment vs. a shadow.
  • MAC A Bluer Blue - this is in the first Mac Palette I ever purchased (a holiday collection, many moons ago). It's almost greenish, though.

The Roundup:

Saint Patrick's Day Eye
Featuring Mac Contrast Shadow

Soft Blue Look
Featuring Mac Silverbleu Shadestick

Blue as Liner (my Favorite of the bunch)
Featuring Mac Birds & Berries Eye Shadow

All Out Frosty Blue
Featring Mac Birds & Berries Eye Shadow

And that's all folks! What do you think? Do you think I should try this again? Should I do blue again, or try a different color? Personally, it could be worth doing blue again. I don't think I've mastered that color at all. But really, I'm open to just about any color. Let me know what you want to see (if anything).

Coincidentally, today Bobbi Brown Cosmetics also posted tips for working with Blue Eye Shadow on Facebook. They must be reading my mind...