Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Comparison: OPI Senorita Rose-alita Vs. Zoya Reece

Just in case I wasn't the only one wondering...

OPI Senoria Rose-alita (left), Zoya Reece (right)

The Similarities

  • Both are magenta- pinks with gold duochrome (slightly green depending on the light)
  • Both are incredible colors.
  • Both have names I never spell correctly the first time ("Rosalita", "Reese" are my common mistakes... where did that hyphon com from?).
  • I am in love with both of these beauties!
The Differences
  • Reece is has a slightly darker base, maybe a slightly thicker formula
  • Reece's duochrome is more pronounced
  • Zoya is $7 and OPI pricing depends on where you by but can be anywhere between roughly $4 - $8.
Which do you buy?
Honestly, I think the decision comes down to how much duochrome you want. For me the answer was clearly "buy both!"