Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Look - Mauve Smokey Eye Using MAC Young Punk and Mercurial

@glowyjoeybunny gave me the idea for trying an atypical color for a smokey eye: Mauve. I immediately went to my drawer to find that eye shadow that is the perfect blend of pink and purple and would create some mauvey-goodness. I found MAC Mercurial Mineralize Eye Shadow. I so rarely use my Mineralize Eye Shadows, so I was surprised I pulled out two for this look...

Also decided that if I'm going to have fallout from using Mineralize Eye Shadows I might as well go for it so I put Mercurial EVERYWHERE around my eye. I really like how this turned out. I might have used a touch more purple...

  • MAC Eye Kohl in Smolder - Shade heavily on upper lashes, smudge out later with shadow. Also along lower lash line.
  • MAC Mineralize Eyeshadow in Mercurial - Above the smolder on the lid, but it's ok if it ends up mixing a bit. It's a Smokey Eye - you can be messy! Also used this on my lower lid since I had a good amount of fall out anyway.
  • MAC Mineralize Eyeshadow in Young Punk - Used my pencil brush with this shadow to smudge the Smolder up the lid. A tiny bit around the lower lid.
  • MAC Richmetal Highlighter in Rare and Refined - I should have left this out but I stuck this in the crease just a touch to try to pink it up. But the Richmetal highlighters are a little hard to work with and this was much harder... may be time to toss this beauty. She's old!
  • MAC Eyeshadow in Phloof - Pretty sure I used Phloof though I admit it could have been Shore Leave... But either way it was a brow highlight.
  • MAC Plushlash Mascara in Plushblack
  • Mac Studio Fix Fluid in NC15
  • MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Light
  • MAC Beauty Powder in Pearl Blossom
  • MAC Pencil Lip Liner in Dervish
  • MAC Lipstick in House of Style - Another oldie from the Couture collection of '06. Great color.
  • MAC Lipglass in All Woman
By the way, I think of "mauve" I usually end up thinking of my first lipstick ever - Clinique Crystal Mauve. My mom always got it as a "gift with purchase". It's the most non-scary lipstick ever (and as I recall, the consistency was not great). I loved it because it was my first lipstick, I hated it because it was so dull. But I will always think of it fondly. Mercurial was a perfect "Crystal Mauve" type color for the eyes, and it is hardly dull.