Friday, March 12, 2010

Lorac Mini Mocktail Bar - With Swatches!

I ordered the Lorac Mini Mocktail Bar from Hautelook (need an invite to Hautelook?) and thought I would swatch it for you. I got it for a measly $10 in the sale and had the urge to splurge on some fun colors I could use for spring.

In terms of shopping on Hautelook, I pretty much live for their Makeup sales. I can't fit in to any of their clothing at this time, which is a shame - sometimes there are some great things!

About The Mini Mocktail Bar
Not much to say other than these are lipglosses. The top 3 in the bar are the sheerest, while the bottom are the most pigmented.

They all taste/smell tropical (or in the case of Caffeini Martini, like coffee), if you like that sort of thing. I didn't find their texture or consistency objectionable - I am used to the stickiness of MAC Lipglasses so not much bugs me.

The applicator was a nice brush attached to a tube of color, reminiscent of Stila's glosses rather than that of MAC Lip Gelees.

The Swatches
(in order from left to right starting with the top tow).

Guava Tiki
Pretty sheer, not much color. But delicious smell.

Tropical Dream
More shimmer than Guava Tiki, slightly more color, but not worth it if you like pigment

Lava Flow
Finally! Some pigment. This is a semi-sheer.

Razberi Cosmo
Very nice gloss if you don't want something that is too hot pink.

Caffeini Martini
Wow! What a coffee flavor/smell! Nice if you're looking to tone down pink colors.

Sex on the Beach
I think this is the star of the collection. Just what I wanted for spring!

Overall this was a great value offered from Hautelook. I am not sure I think any of the colors are worth paying $18 from Sephora. But this is a set that I absolutely would pick up if you get the change for the cheap price from Hautelook.

Full Size of Topical Dream and Lava Flow are available at Sephora for $18.

By the way, do you like me doing little swatches like this? I was thinking about doing more from my collection but wanted to make sure if you, my readers, thought it was worth it. Please let me know in comments!