Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My St. Patrick's Day Mani - Zoya Savita and Veruschka

I think @Zoya_NailPolish may frown on me because I was silly enough to try this mani with two colors that are way too close together...

I got this idea from Zoya's work on the Leanne Marshall Runway show. There they used Jo and Harlow, which are different enough where it makes sense. But Veruschka is pretty much the matte version of Savita. Seriously, without the flash I can't tell a difference.

Anyway, I screwed up, but the idea was there. Not the best St. Patrick's Day mani, but I tried!

By the way, check out Deez Nails for some awesome examples of this type of mani. Dee uses guides (smart) but guides always do more harm than good on my nails (because I'm impatient). Seriously, I am in awe of Deez Nails and ideas.