Monday, March 15, 2010

Off Topic: Happy Birthday, Cicero! A quick tribute to my little orange kitty...

Today is my little kitty Cicero's designated birthday. He is a ripe old age of 7 today!

I picked Cicero up at SICSA, one of the local shelters, in September of 2o03. It was about two weeks after I had moved from Dayton and I was very lonely, knowing no one and having nothing to do but work. My answer was "get a kitty" (little did I know how very allergic I was, but that's another story).

I vaguely remember reading the description on his tag which I could have sworn said something about him being left in a box with his brother and sister on a stormy night in March. His name at the time was Hail, his sister was Storm, and his Brother was Thunder (or something like that. "Hail" loved to be the center of attention, the description warned (something that's remained true to this day).

I've always had a fondness for little orange kitties. But when I went to SICSA that day I was absolutely intent on getting a kitty that was not orange. Not sure why - variety perhaps. I was looking at this beautiful black girl-kitty "Storm" when this little orange bratty kitty pushed his sister out of the way and crawled into my lap (Cicero, then called "Hai"l). He had decided that I was taking him home - I had no say in the matter.

Cicero is my little love and since it is his special day, I figured I'd share some of my favorite pictures.

One of my first pictures of Cicero, the day before he got "snipped". Cicero was "cryptorchid" kitty- meaning one of his "boys" hadn't dropped (read about Cryptorchidism on Wikipedia). The vet at that time said they had removed the cryptorchid testicle and gave me back a stapled up kitty - but they lied. He suffered several years of sexual frustration, and I suffered several years of having my poor baby hump my blanket or the back of the couch. Six years later our new (wonderful, miraculous, extraordinary) vet realized that the previous vet was negligent and removed the offending testicle. Now there is peace in our house (relatively speaking... Cicero still likes to raise hell once in a while).

Kara took this picture: It won Cicero Mr. November Runner Up for one of SICSA's calendar contests. He loves to pose!

The ever-amusing "Cone of Shame". I think this was after one of Cicero's legendary allergic reactions. Poor Baby!

As with all things in our house, Cicero has decided that this yarn (Malabrigo Worsted in Pearl Ten) is HIS. Usually this is followed by a creative session involving Cicero's alter-ego "Kitty-Destructo".

"Kitty-Destructo" loves Amazon boxes, KnitPicks boxes, and Zappos Boxes the best. By the way, Cicero has other nicknames: 'Ro, Little Orange One, Orange Bastard (or combination "Little Orange Bastard"), Wumpy (I don't know what that is, but Oberon is "Fwumpy") and Pickle (because he gets into "Pickles" all the time, meaning trouble).

Bird Watching (Kitty TV) with his brother Oberon. Oberon still hasn't figured out that he's twice the size of Cicero. One of Cicero's favorite hobbies is beating the crap out of his bigger bro. Oberon has better boxing skills than Cicero but we think he's a bit of a pacifist.

Anyway, thank you for letting me indulge myself with some kitty pictures and stories (I have many more but I won't bore you with them).

Happy Birthday, Cicero! I hope you're with us for many many many MANY more years to come. We love you. :)