Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Polish - Dupe Hunting: Comparing Dark Blues

I recently placed a Zoya Nail Polish order which contained two dark blues: Indigo and Ibiza. In the bottles, these two polishes look different - Ibiza is just a touch more blue, while Indigo has a variety of dispersed micro glitter. But I wasn't convinced I would see a difference on the nails. Further, I wanted to compare them to some of the dark blues I already had. Here's what I found:

Under Camera Flash

Ordered Left to Right: Lippmann Devil In a Blue Dress, Zoya Indigo, OPI Light My Sapphire, OPI Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees, Zoya Ibiza, and Finger Paints Summer Nights

  • Lippmann Devil In a Blue Dress - Flat color, no shimmer. Very dark
  • Zoya Indigo - Very Dark Blue, virtually indistinguishable from sister color Zoya Ibiza regardless of micro glitter.
  • OPI Ligtht My Sapphire - Well, we all knew this was a "black-but-not-quite"
  • OPI Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees - I was surprised at how purple this looked. I thought it would be way darker. Unless I mixed the two OPIs up when I recorded them...
  • Zoya Ibiza - Like I said, virtually indistinguishable from Zoya Indigo
  • Finger Paints Summer Nights - Thinnest formula, blackest base. The one I would be most likely to skip.
Overall the Zoyas had the thickest formula. Though dupes, that's a big plus. Chock full of pigment and I love them!

Want to see them without the Flash? Well, guess what: They pretty much all look black!

Sort of funny how nit picky we get over color that only makes a difference depending on lighting, isn't it? :)