Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Polish - Ginger + Liz Tough Luxe

I really felt this one needed a full mani and a better picture. Plus... this time it's in sunlight! I am so excited about sunlight! It has been too long.

This drab pea soup green polish has a special place in my heart I think. This is a green for me! I don't usually like them. But as I said when I swatched this sucker, this is what I was hoping to get when I tried to turn MAC Golden Olive pigment into a polish - even though the color is completely different from Golden Olive (how silly of me).

Pea soup green with gold shimmers. It's not exactly pretty, but it's edgy. It's also not really army green, but darker.

Two thick coats, three if they are thin. I was not a fan of the pigmentation compared to the cost of the polish. It makes me miss Zoya a bit.

Awesome! I'm wearing over Qtica Nail Growth Stimulator with Zoya Armor on top. Nothing is budging after 24 hours of wear (and you know that's good for me)

Bottom Line
I think it's unique, but then again I'm not a green addict. Would I spend $12 on it? Maybe you can get it on another sale. I did.

Ginger + Liz polishes are available on their Website.