Friday, March 26, 2010

Polish - Misa Embroidered Emerald

I fully admit, I could have a dud bottle. But this is a polish I pretty much completely dislike:

You can sort of see the duochrome here:

Why I hate this polish:
  • It takes about 4 coats for full opacity - I thought I had it at 3 here but sadly, no.
  • The duochrome is not very pronounced.
  • The colors in this polish are kind of ugly by themselves, why would they be pretty together?
I have seen some pictures of this polish where it is down right spectacular. I have never gotten the same effect. I think it's discontinued (correct me if I am wrong please) and I can see why.

I acquired this polish through a swap. I am almost inclined to swap it away. I keep hanging on to it because I keep thinking I will see the love others have for it someday. Am I kidding myself?

Sort of a maroon/brown base with green blue duochrome. Remember when I talked about Rescue Beauty Lounge Scrangie having a duochrome that didn't quite mesh well with the base in that it looked like the duochrome particles sat in the base instead of blending int a cohesive polish? Same thing here. But Scrangie is way prettier.

The brush isn't bad but the handle is long. I didn't like that.

This mani was done with 3 coats. On some nails it is still uneven and not opaque. It could have used a fourth coat.

Bottom Line
I am not a fan.