Friday, March 5, 2010

Polish - Playing with Layering: Mac Nocturnelle and Rocker

I have been reading all of this information on layering lately and how it's pretty much the next best thing on tap for the upcoming seasons. While it may be new and cool for the runway, it's also something that nail polish fanatics have been doing for years - except for me. I've always admired layering from afar, but have been loathed to try it myself. Mostly this is because I have enough trouble trying to get my nails and polish to play nice anyway, let alone having more than one polish share space.

But since trends are a-changin' I had better buckle up and learn.

I started with something simple. MAC Nocturnelle and MAC Rocker.

I saw this on one of the clerks at the Dayton Mall Macys Mac counter about a year ago. I loved how it looked on her and wanted to try making this deep red metallic= goodness myself. Two layers of Nocturnelle, one layer of Rocker on top. Easy as pie.

Ok, so I learned I really don't have the patience for this. As long as I waited for things to dry, I still ended up getting bed sheet marks on my right hand (which is not pictured). I suspect this was because three layers can get pretty thick if you're not careful. I found Nocturnelle practically needed three coats in some cases anyway because it did not go on evenly. Not my favorite black polish. Give me Zoya Raven or Chanel Black Satin any day.

Will I try layering polishes again? Oh probably.

For an inspiring layering post, check out All Lacquered Up's review of CND at THREESAFOUR.