Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Polish - Zoya Indigo

I was really excited to get Zoya Indigo when I saw it in the bottle. I was curious to see how the micro-glitter would play out on the nail tips. I absolutely love the idea of this polish but I don't think it worked out quite like I was expecting from the bottle. Unless you're in great lighting (or a camera flash) you don't see the glitter in the bottle, let alone on the nail. So far the only light in which I can see the glitter (faintly) is in the dispersed lighting in my bedroom of all places. Otherwise, nothing.

Deep dark blue. Unless you're in spectacular lighting you're not going to see this as "blue" but as "black". The micro-glitter is very dispersed. Unless I am looking hard at my nails I don't even see it.

Two coats, though it was practically opaque after one. I love Zoya's pigment and polish consistency!

I tried this over Qtica Nail Growth Stimulator, Zoya Anchor, then topped with Armor and OPI Drip Dry Drops. Barely any wear after two full days of wearing which is great for me.

Bottom Line
Good formula, great concept, not too special in execution. You do not need to own both Zoya Indigo and Zoya Ibiza in my opinion.