Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Quest for My Pretty - Checking In

I have a new idea and I need some advice.

I haven't been doing well on my goal. For the last week I haven't gotten into the gym at all. My mood has been very down, and I've been sleeping a lot. Comfort food has also gotten the best of me (Grrr... Cheetos!). Mood shouldn't be an excuse but it is all related, which is why I mention this. At this time, I don't think I see this improving quite yet. But I do see a need to make changes.

I think my goal of 80 miles in 40 days is absolutely not possible anymore. The further I get away from being able to meet it the more discouraged I am. But I don't want to turn this into a negative. I think I need to re-work how I am approaching my health and fitness needs.

New Idea
What do you think about logging time per week spent doing activity? This would not only include elliptical, but walking, weightlifting, workout videos, crunches while watching TV, Wii Fit, whatever. I was thinking about the "half-hour per day" idea, and whether I could stretch that over a weeks time. Could I track activity the way other people count calories?

So what I'm proposing is this:
  • One ticker keeping track of my time per week - goal of 210 minutes per week (or alternately, a 1-7 count for days I spend doing at least 30 minutes of activity)
  • One ticker keeping track of my entire time for the year - 10920 minutes per year
  • Have some type of count kept up to date of how many weeks I am successful in meeting the 210 minutes.
What do you think? The pros are obvious - smaller goals, establishing a healthy habit, not tying myself to one particular type of activity. The cons are that I could get discouraged just as easily. Do I have enough motivation? I don't know.

Sound off below. Do you think I should try this new plan? Do you have suggestions on how to improve the plan? Whatever we decide, I will probably enact it beginning next Monday.