Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Quest for My Pretty - Checking In

Hi everyone!

Yes, another week where I really didn't get much exercising done. I am still planning on activating a new "Plan" with different challenges but I've completely abandoned the old one. I just need to get the time to put the new plan in place.

Incidentally, in the April issue of Glamour there was an article on Lazy Ways to Lose Weight. I think I've identified several of these I can do immediately:
  • Make sure half my plate is of veggies - easiest for me to accomplish at lunch. Glamour says that if you do this, then have a quarter of the plate devoted to lean protein and a quarter devoted to carbs then you'll get a better balanced meal.
  • Skip the Sugary Drinks - Several of you, my dear readers, suggested I do this as well. I will let you know that as of Monday I have not been drinking diet soda, and I've cut the amount of sugar in my coffee to half (baby steps).
  • Lift Weights - We all know muscle burns more than fat. This was one of my reasons for abandoning my old goal as I want to work in other exercise than just running.
  • Do Intervals - Apparently, according to Glamour, doing interval training burns more calories. My mom likes to do this type of training: Sprint for a little bit, then move down to a lower pace for a bit, then sprint again. I guess that's why playing soccer was so good for weight control for me when I was in middle school.
They had many more tips than this, but those are the ones I wanted to share with you because they fell in line with the advice you were giving me earlier. Hopefully I'll get my motivation back soon. I do think the sun and temperature will help.