Friday, April 30, 2010

Quick Pic of Zoya Hot Lips in Brody's Girl

I am enjoying my Zoya Hot Lips. I now have 4 of them I've been using Meow the most, but my most recent acquisition was Brody's Girl. In the tube, this Hot Lips gloss reminded me of Zoya Heatwave. But it was not as pigmented. It is bright, though. If you are looking for a nice bright gloss that you can layer over something Brody's Girl is a good one.

About the Hot Lips Formula - I don't find the gloss to last any longer or any less than other glosses. It is, however, much less tacky than MAC lipglasses.  They are not very expensive, which is also a plus.

I wanted to link to the Hot Lips Page and give you the price, but  I can't find them on their site at the moment. Their online help assures me they are not going away - that they are just going through site updates. The updates should be done by the end of this weekend assuming their online help person was correct.

Polish - Zoya Ivanka Is Green Foily-ish Goodness

Oddly, the most accurate picture I could get of Zoya Ivanka was indoor crappy lighting in my cubicle at work with a Flash...

Here are the outdoor ones with Flash in Sunlight that just washed this gorgeous rich green out in case you were curious.

Zoya Ivanka is a "Kelly Green" (I hope VampyVarnish doesn't take offense to that) that reminds me of fresh spring grass. The first picture at the top is m y most accurate - the green is a true green, gold flecks, very rich in color but not as much depth and interest as something like Charla. Like Charla, it is a not-quite-foil-but-so-close-it-is polish. In some lighting I do think of it as a foil. In others, not so much. Not like Zoya Rea is a foil.

Three Coats for this one at least. It was not the most pigmented polish. I don't mind - the color is worth it.

As per my usual standards for Zoya, I'm getting great wear (for me) out of it.

Bottom Line
I am not a collector of Greens. I don't have anything else like this. For me it is a must have. Please consider it if you are doing the Zoya Polish Exchange.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Taupe.... Taupe... Goose! Playing More with Fyrinnae

I am in love with Fyrinnae Koala. It's another color that @glowyjoeybunny turned me on to. It's like the kid sister to MAC Satin Taupe. I decided to put the two together for neutral, subtle eye.

You're getting two closeups of the eye here because it was hard to really show the difference between Koala being a rose-taupe and Koala being a neutral nude shadow.  Koala is on Fyrinnae's June 2008 Endangered List. If you like the shadow, you will want to pick it up - a portion of the proceeds go to endangered wildlife. Did you know when I first read that, I thought they were getting rid of the shadow? Turns out they aren't, and it's so much better! Buying it is helpful!


  • Urban Decay Primer Potion
  • Fyrinnae Pixy Epoxy - used less than before, just in case this was what caused my eyes to get puffy.
  • Fyrinnae Koala - All over lid
  • MAC Satin Taupe - crease in corner.
  • MAC Next to Nothing - brow highlight
  • MAC Pearlglide in Blackline
  • MAC Plushlash Mascara in Plushblack


  • MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NC15
  • MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Light
  • MAC Strada Blush, MAC Stray Rose Blush

  • MAC Cremestick Liner in Pink Treat
  • MAC Lipstick in Angeldish

Now the Goose part isn't special at all... I just wanted to include this picture to make a cute title for my post.

I saw these fellas hanging out on the overpass (tunnel) that I have to walk under in order to get into work. Now this isn't important in anyway except I was thinking the entire time the last thing I wanted to do was get hit by a "Goose Bomb". I was hit by a "Pigeon Bomb" in Paris, France once and let me tell you - it wasn't pretty! These geese were about the same size as those Parisian Pigeons so I imagine the damage would be similar.

Very PINK Look! And My Re-introduction to Fyrinnae

@glowyjoeybunny has been tweeting a lot recently about Fyrinnae. I got curious again. I tried some samples of some Fyrinnae eye shadows a long time ago - I hated them. I found them to be powdery, chalky, messy, not-blendable at all, and certainly not with the pigmentation I'd come to expect from others photos (ahem.. Padmita for example uses Fyrinnae a lot in her looks). I yelled and I screamed about it - but I was being really stupid. I was missing a key ingredient: Fyrinnae's Pixy Epoxy.

After thinking it over again, I decided to give the brand another shot. Here was the look I concocted with some of the items I received:

Very very pink, I know! I even threw in the Pink shirt. I don't usually like pink, so I'm wondering what's wrong with me.


Eyes - This stuff is hard to work with for me. I am not sure it is worth the effort. But for some reason, I'm being stubborn.
  • Fyrinnae Pixy Epoxy - a tiny bit over main lid area
  • Fyrinnae Eye Shadow in Tatiana - patted on, not swished, over lid.
  • Fyrinnae Eye Shadow in The Fancy Lad - in crease
  • MAC Eye Shadow in Naked Lunch - brow highlgiht, trying to blend
  • MAC Pearlglide Eyeliner in Blackline
  • MAC Plushlash Mascara in Plushblack

  • MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NC15
  • MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Light
  • MAC Blush in Stray Rose

Lips -
I just love looking at this picture a lot. It has risen to be one of my favorite lip pics I've taken in a long time, sloppy though it is.
  • MAC Cremestick Liner in Pink Treat
  • Fyrinnae Lip Lustre in Devil Horns - LOVE! Absolute Love. They aren't tacky, the finish looks more like lipstick, it applies like a gloss, and it lasts a LONG time, even through drinking morning coffee. The taste was interesting - for Devil Horns they say it's "butter rum".
 Some Things about Fyrinnae and My Experience
  • As they say on their site, these are NOT mineral makeup shadows. They are loose shadows
  • Practically anything on their site you can get in sample size - which I love. The sample sizes are ample - I question whether or not I would ever need a full size eye shadow.
  • Lip samples, they say, are not as good quality as their full size. I intend to test this. I loved Devil Horns so much I will order a full size, though the sample is a generous sample. Seriously, I fell in LOVE with these lip lustres.
  • With Pixy Epoxy, it is hard to blend. Stuff sticks to the eye. If I continue to learn this, I will have to relearn how to place eye shadow.
  • Pixy Epoxy may have given me a reaction - jury is still out on this, but by the end of the day my upper eye lids were quite puffy. The next morning, they were still puffy, though it went down after I reapplied allergy drops. This could be seasonal - I had worn this look to softball practice and been out in allergens. I will continue testing to see if Pixy Epoxy was the cause and let you know.
Have you had experience with Fyrinnae? Please tell me below!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

R3Daily is Giving Away Rescue Beauty Lounge Surf Collection

I am hoping I will win this giveaway but you should all have your shot too. R3Daily is giving away the entire RBL Surf Collection.

I found out following @BeautopiaBlog on Twitter. She is awsome!

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Polish - The Beautiful Zoya Mimi

While you're working on your list for the Zoya Exchange, you may want to think about Mimi:

Cloudy Day pick... you need to see more...

Sunny day pic! With Flash

 Office Lighting with Flash!

I had to put on Mimi... I just saw the movie Kick-Ass.  And I loved Hit Girl, no matter what the reviews said. So I needed a purple polish worthy of Hit Girl to wear. Mimi seemed to fit the bill.

Grape purple with red-pink micro glitter/shimmer. The tone it has depends on the lighting just like Charla (and I suspect the rest of the Sparkle collection). Now I must say, Mimi reminds me a lot of Milani's Totally Cool  but it's not as cool as Totally Cool. Not really sure why. I think it's that Totally Cool had a little more dimension, depth of color. Mimi's not bad, though. Just a preference if I had to put the two together (maybe I should - would a comparison pic be nice?)

Two coats for me - but I probably could have used three. This was not the most pigmented of polishes. 

Like most Zoya, this wore wonderfully. I used it over Qtica Nail Growth Stimulator and topped with Seche Vite. I did get shrinkage on some nails with the SV.

Bottom Line
Not a must have, but definitely a nice to have. Mimi is quite pretty.

Post-Softball Practice Face

Really, I am just testing out a mobile app for posting to my blog. But this is me, really, post practice. So ugly!

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Congratulations to Kara! She wins Zoya Charla!

Congratulations lucky #4 Kara! You win Zoya Charla.

Ok, so I got 7 wonderful readers to enter my contest for Charla. Double haikus or two entries were not given two numbers - one number per entry.  Your entries kept me very entertained! I am glad I did this give away with the haiku idea - I may have to use that again.

I found this to be a little happy coincidence. Kara, I know,  is not feeling too good right now and could probably use a pick me up. So I guess 4 was her lucky number!

So congratulations Kara!

For the rest of the readers... Just to give you a heads up: sometime soon, I'll be doing give aways for a few of my "backups". Let's just say there's a couple of MAC give aways I have in mind as well as a Chanel. So keep your eyes open!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mothers Day Special at Deborah Lippman - 20% off

For the next 2 Days (through April 28th) Deborah Lippmann is offering 20% off orders of $70 or more using code mothersday.

Might I suggest:

Bitches Brew

Rhapsody in White

Hit Me With Your Best Shot

(But only if you don't have China Glaze Raspberry Festival)

..And avoid the Funky Chunky.

See other Lippmann polishes in my Flickr Nails Set

The Battle of the Jeans - Gap vs. Old Navy

I credit @glossmenagerie with giving me this idea. A couple of days ago on we got into a discussion around Gap jeans vs. Old Navy Jeans. I was in a most uncomfortable position - I was jean-less. Or at least without jeans I can fit into that were not completely worn through between the thighs.

Lovely thought, I know.

Anyway, we discussed sizing and durability of each brand. I was in favor of Gap, while @glossmenagerie seemed to be in favor of Old Navy. So I decided to buy a pair of jeans from both brands at the same time, track the life of jean, and see which jean bites the dust first.

Yes, this is a long-term experiment.

The Jeans

The Gap 1969 Curvy Jeans in Dark, size 16 Regular
These jeans are 99% Cotton, 1% Elastene (whatever the heck that is). I had a hell of a time finding a pair of jeans that I was comfortable enough paying $69.50 for. I held up several pairs and compared waists and lengths to find the shortest leg and still had to get them hemmed. The woman at the Gap strongly suggested I buy these tight (as in "they don't look good when they're first put on") because they will stretch out. I've experienced this so I know this to be true.

Old Navy The Flirt Jeans in Rinse, size 16 Regular
The composition on these jeans is much different, and believe me - I can feel it. Compared to the Gap, these feel like I'm wearing a burlap sack, but for $29.50 I'm going to wear them! They are only 65% Cotton, 34% Polyester, and 1% Spandex. At least all elements are something I can recognize! I didn't go with the Gap purchasing philosophy here of buying a size or two down knowing they will stretch out - because I don't know if these will stretch out. However, on my first wearing, Kara pointed out "they make [my] butt look baggy" so maybe I should have tried a different style or size.

How this showdown will be structured:
  • As I wear the jeans I will track them.
  • As I wash the jeans I will track them.
  • Should the jeans acquire damage I will report what kind.
  • I will declare the jean "dead" when it is no longer suitable to wear to work - I consider this to be significant "non-intended" tears, mostly in the crotch area.
In the end no matter the outcome I will still probably buy Gap jeans more often - I rarely get told I have a baggy butt in them. But you never know - maybe the Old Navy durability will win me over!

Jean Buying Tip
I have heard that denim jeans are usually cut "in bulk" at a lot of these stores. That means they stack the denim and sort of cut them out. You quilters out there will know when I say this means that the more you have stacked, the more variability you get. Jeans cut at the same size may have varying lengths and widths. I strongly suggest trying on several pairs of the same jean and choosing the best of the bunch. Just so you know - I'm bad about following my own advice. I often order online and roll the dice on the Gap Jeans. Given how inconsistent Gap is in the size/shape of their jeans of the same style and size I would not be surprised to hear they cut their jeans in bulk.

Don't Forget! I'm Giving Zoya Charla Away!!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Something Completely Random for Earth Day...

It's Earth Day. I'm not really doing anything for it. But every once in a while we all need a bit of randomness and since it IS Earth Day, it might as well be nature related, sort of.

Randomness is good... Especially when you're having weeks like I've been having lately.


A One Legged Duck

That qualifies as random, right?

Don't Forget! I'm Giving Zoya Charla Away!!!

The Zoya Nail Polish Exchange is Back!!!

No doubt announced because of Earth Day, yesterday Zoya announced on their Blog that they ware doing the Nail Polish exchange again this year. This is an excellent opportunity to try the brand and get rid of some of those old bottles that are cluttering your stash. I myself took part (twice I believe) last year.

The Rules
  • Return old polish bottles to Zoya (not Zoya, Qtica, or Nocti polishes) to Zoya.
  • Pay $3.50 for each new color you want to exchange each bottle for - one bottle, one new color
  • There is a 6 bottle minimum- no doubt due to they are shipped I'm guessing.
  • Offer ends June 30.
Please visit Zoya's site for more details. Here is the direct link to the Exchange Page. The above image is from their blog, by the way.

Now, just to give you some food for thought here are some of my Zoya favs you might consider trading in your sad, old, over used, or really bad purchases (I'm looking at YOU Lippmann Funky Chunky) polishes for:

And you just saw the lovely Charla, so I won't repost her today...

Sadly, I couldn't find a pic of Zoya Anastasia - my all time Zoya favorite. Or Zoya Divincia. Or Irene!!! Where are my old favs??? I think I have more Zoya manis I need to do for you. I haven't been wearing a lot of my favorites because I thought I had already reviewed them. I guess I was mistaken. I guess I am in for some Zoya fun coming up!

Don't Forget! I'm Giving Zoya Charla Away!!!

Polish - Zoya Charla Behold Her Beauty! (And a Contest)

The Polish Fairies at @Zoya_NailPolish have really outdone themselves...

In fact, I'm going to take a cue from Beautopia and show you a bunch of pictures because this one needs it.

I think this is what I wanted when I was wearing Zoya Akyra. This is such a complex color and it's wonderful.

Teal, blue, aqua, mermaid glitter/shimmer/near-foil. The shimmer in it can be blue, green, gold depending on the light. I couldn't get it at all with my camera. Every picture you've seen of this polish doesn't compare to how cool it looks when it's on the nail. And it is so close to being a foil... so very close.

Two coats, no problems for me. The micro-glitter in this polish is very densely packed.

Like iron. Used Qtica Nail Growth Stimulator as base and Seche Vite as a top coat. I can already tell that I will remove it before it chips (from something other than my peeling tips). but I totally don't want to take it off!

Bottom Line
You need this, and there's no way around it!

Zoya Polishes
sell for $7 each and are available from their website.

Contest - Win a Bottle of Zoya Charla
I had a feeling I would love Charla so much I ordered two bottles just for the specific purpose of giving one away to you! Do you want a bottle of Charla? And we're going to make this fun! If you do, do the following:
  • Enter a comment below expressing your desire to enter the contest for the polish in the form of a Haiku! (hey, I bought the polish - and for my $7 you're going to entertain me) Don't worry it doesn't have to be a good Haiku.
  • Follow me using Google Friend Connect or on Twitter (@styrch) - I need to have a way of getting in touch with you. If you follow me on Twitter, leave me your twitter name in the comments.
  • You must be living in the US please.
I will choose the winner at random and announce who it is in one week!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What "Look" Did I Wear to Bloggers Night? Let's Find Out...

I sort of went purple-maroon nuts...

But hey - I matched my shirt and I got to wear my favorite earrings!

It takes a special evening to make me pull out these "Jem-Wannabe" earrings by Ben-Amun.

Anyway, on to the breakdown!


  • Urban Decay Primer Potion
  • MAC Paint Pot in Nice Vice - I rarely find a use for this but it really is a pretty paint pot.
  • MAC Pigment in Circa Plum - forgot I had this, and got inspired. It really drove my whole product selection.Put it on top of the paint pot.
  • MAC Eye Shadow in Shadowy Lady - In crease.
  • MAC Eye Shadow in Naked Lunch - brow highlight
  • MAC Pearlglide in Wolf - upper and lower lash lines
  • MAC Plushlash in Plushblack

  • MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NC15
  • Chanel Poudre Douce in Almond
  • MAC blush in Strada - as a contour
  • MAC Blush in Flirt 'n Tease - on apples
  • MAC Beauty Powder in Pearl Blossom - to blend it all together.
Lips - not sure why, but I already have 18 hits on Flickr for this pic and I haven't even posted it yet.
  • MAC Lipstick in Danse
  • MAC Lipglass in Quick Tease

"Blogger's Night" at the Melting Pot Dayton!

The Melting Pot - Dayton recently held a "Blogger's Night". Oddly enough, I was invited. Me! I guess originally it was meant to be a "Mommy Bloggers" night but @MeltingPotDaytn decided to expand it to include Tweeters and other bloggers as well. I think I got invited as a "Tweeter". Either way I am absolutely honored (and still in shock that I was chosen to attend).

About The Restaurant

The Melting Pot Dayton
453 Miamisburg Centerville Road
Centerville, OH 45459-4753
(937) 567-8888

In case you didn't know, it's fondue! You get a plate of stuff and dip it in hot stuff. Fantastically fun!

As you probably know already, this is one of my favorite restaurants in the area. My husband and I go there as often as we are able to afford to do so and always hope to get Randy as our waiter (who's name I learned on Blogger's Night). Our favorite thing to do is to get the Big Night Out selection with the Spinach and Artichoke Cheese Fondue, followed by a salad (our favorite is the California Salad), the Entree for the featured Big Night Out, and ending desert usually with S'Mores fondue (my husband is allergic to nuts and hates dark chocolate).

We highly recommend this restaurant as a couples place to eat or for small groups of friends. Avoid going there with really grumpy company though - we got stuck there for 3.5 hours one night taking my family and my father was not happy. He should be used to it by now - he never has good luck with waitstaff when eating anywhere.

That leads me to rule #1 about eating at the Melting Pot:

  1. Expect to Take Your Time - Even Matt our tour guide at the Melting Pot on Bloggers night suggested that they intend for this to be a conversation restaurant, that they do their best "not to bug you". While I generally like this idea, it does mean that you can feel a little neglected if you do want to eat and get out. So don't go if you are on a tight schedule.
  2. Expect to Be Messy - My boobs always come away fed - and I usually need to purchase a new shirt after. This is especially true for the cheese and the chocolate.
  3. Mind the Drink Specials - Alcohol is great with Fondue and The Melting Pot is good at providing specials.
  4. Join Club Fondue - If you join the Melting Pot mailing list you won't be bugged often, and best of all you'll get special offers. In fact, you get a free chocolate fondue for 2 just for joining. I look forward to these mailings (one of the few pieces of advertising I await on a regular basis).
  5. Don't Diss the Garlic and Wine Seasoning - This may seem like a silly shaker spice, but my husband has purchased it and uses it as his "secret ingredient" in most of his cooking. Seriously, it's just about as versatile as Spike seasoning in that respect. It is FANTASTIC on the California Salad. Use it, buy it, take it home. You won't be sorry.
  6. Don't Be Shy, Ask! - On items like the Green Goddess sauce, pick up two or three containers. They don't mind. Also their veggies for cheese dipping always has cauliflower and celery in addition to carrots: I hate this selection and always ask for just a container of carrots.
  7. Be Adventurous - Get the ravioli or pot stickers. Seriously, they are good.
  8. As for a Veggitarian Plate - They can do it. In some respects, the selection is better.
  9. Ask to Sit in Lovers Lane - it's their special place for couples.
  10. Get the Mojo Style - People think this is going to be spicy. It's not. But it is the most flavorful cooking style according to myself and my husband. Once you try it you'll never go back to plain Court Bouillon or the heavy Coq au Vin.
  11. Do Share the Last Strawberry - they even tell you why if you look closely at the doors to the Men's and Women's rooms.
One thing to note - the meats are not organic. if you're in to that thing, you won't want to eat here. But they aren't bad quality. For crying out loud - you see them raw. You can tell how fresh it is.

Now On To Blogger's Night

I was incredibly surprised by two things.
  1. There is a blogger community in Dayton.
  2. I was considered important enough to invite to this event.
There were around 30 people invited (not sure how many actually attended). Most of the attendees already knew each other. I had thought perhaps that this wouldn't be the case (after all, I hadn't met or even heard of any of them). I got a little ticked that it seemed like no one was putting together a guest list with the appropriate contact info for Bloggers/Tweeters so I ended up creating one for the PR person for the Melting Pot (who sits in Boston and tweets at us tweeters on a daily basis). It ends up this list was pretty much only for my benefit - I was the odd one out.

The lovely Katie of DomesticDebacle actually organized the whole event with @MeltingPotDaytn. Being a Mommy Blogger herself, it suddenly made a whole lot of sense to me why this group would be so skewed (and so tightly knit). But I was assured by several other Mommy Bloggers that they were not at all as much of a clique as they seemed. While I am sure this is true from their point of view, this still doesn't help explain how it was that I ended seated next to the only other person who didn't know anyone, the lovely Lynn Bissell. Seriously, with that many people what are the odds?

Doesn't matter. Either way I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

We were treated to the following selection of items:
  • A Cheese Course - Consisting of 3 different cheese fondues at my table. I was able to try my favorite (the Spinach and Artichoke) and something new to me: The Wisconsin Trio. My husband hates blue cheese so I never get to try it. It was fantastic!
  • A Chocolate Course - We had a Milk Chocolate, a Dark Chocolate, and a Caramel course at our table. I didn't even know they did caramel but it makes so much sense! I also was able to try the dark chocolate and discovered how much I've missed good dark chocolate (he's a milk chocolate fan).
  • Any Non-Alcoholic Beverage They Had - I didn't partake of this. I went straight for the alcohol. Wallet be damned! I was nervous and didn't know anyone. I needed liquid courage!
No salads??? BOOO! But that's one of my favorite parts of the meal! That California Salad is to die for! No, I should not be complaining. We were treated to all of the above for free!

After desert we were treated to a history of the establishment - I had no idea the owners of the Cincinnati Melting Pot sold the store to open the one in Dayton (no wonder the Cincinnati one went down hill). The original store started in Florida as a two tables and a couple of pots. They recently spread the Fondue love to Canada (Alberta? don't remember through the wine-haze) so check their site for locations.

We then got a tour. The most exciting part was seeing the extensive wine cellar. I would love to turn our basement into a collection like this. I would have loved to talk to their Sommelier about how they went about creating their collection. It's divided between sweet and dry wines (THANK YOU MELTING POT) which makes the selection process a lot easier. Their wines by the glass can get a little expensive, but they do have specials. Just ask.

We also saw the kitchen. Nothing exciting here really, but what do you expect when most of the work is prep work and the cooking is done at your table. No, there's not really a big vat of chocolate. But they do start the melting process around 3 pm each day to make sure it's ready for the evening diners. They want things to go on time and run smoothly - especially the chocolate.

About The Other Bloggers

Apparently, I've been read by a few of them. I had no idea! I was incredibly embarrassed talking to DomesticDebacle because she has read me, commented, and apparently I didn't comment back. I try to be really good about those things. Oh well.

In any case, they were all quite nice. I think you should check them out. Here is the list (as I know it). I am missing a few people, so if you were there and you're reading this let me know. I'll add you to the list!

The Big List: Dayton Area Bloggers/Tweeters - doing my best to write what I remember, but there were so many people I only remember a few.
  • Amy In Ohio -Amy Cribbs
  • Mommy Confessions - Kandi Barnes (@shevirgirl) and Andrea Mann (@Daisiesforu). Both were super nice.
  • Working Moms Against Guilt - Susan Wenner Jackson (@SusanWJackson)
  • Mommin' It Up - Jenny Rapson (@jennyitup). She was one of the people who could claim the title "Life of the Party". Let me tell you - this girl has some serious style! I want tips from her!
  • Even Has Landed - Corney Loyd (@cortney_plus2). I must say this lady has lots of tips on hair straighteners. She said go to Sallys - they'll sell you a great one that costs half the price of the higher priced models. She really has super curly hair. You can see in the picture to the right (with Jenny) that she has super straight blond hair here. I can't even picture it curly.
  • Mommysnacks - Andrea Deckard (@mommysnacks)
  • Once a Month Mom - Tricia Callahan (@onceamonthmom)
  • Oh Social - Carole Hicks (@carole_hicks)
  • Savvy Little Women - Kate Pauling
  • Domestic Debacle - Katie Dattalo (@DomesticDebacle). Awesome style as well. I totally dig her dark hair, eyeliner, red lipstick rockabilly look! She had some tips on getting the hair (her stylist Cherry Lee on Linden Lane)
  • Deals for Dayton - Amy Wells and Celia Emmons (@dealsfordayton)
  • $5 Dinners - Erin Chase (@5dollarsdinners). She has an adorable son Tyler who kept making faces at me all evening. She also has written a book which absolutely intend to pick up.
  • Problem Solving Mom - Stephanie Dunkle (@psmom)
  • Knitting in a Tree - Laura Harr (@lauraharr) - not sure if I met her but given she seems to share a hobby with me I will have to get to know her!
  • Mind Active - Duane Myers (@PreppyDude)
  • Kelly Tibbs - Kelly Tibbs (@1sassy_chick) - And one chick I want to get to know! I didn't get to talk to her much but you know when you're introduced to people and you think "I should get to know that person!" Well, I think I should get to know this person, if I can. She seemed like she'd be a lot of fun.
  • Lilly Pea Designs - Jen Pilchack (@lillypea) - Cutest! Just the cutest.
  • Carla Weis Hale - (@carlaweishale) - She has quickly become one of my favorite people to follow on Twitter. Super sweet, super cute, and has a love of bonfires!
  • The New Frugal Mom - Marianne Thomas (@WriterMommy)
  • Lynn Bissell - I don't have any contact but her email, which I will not give out here. But she was amazing to talk with during the night and I do hope we become friends.
  • Weirld - Dave Ave-Lallemant (@ohioGrassman) - Another person I did not spend time with during the evening but have been tweeting with ever since. Follow him. He's awesome!
  • What's New With The Dells - Becky Dell
  • Rich Palmer - Rich Palmer (@richpalmer)
  • And the guy who does the voice for Stitch at Disney World - Don't remember his name, but I have his card somewhere. Will update when I can. He was nice.

I know there were others - this isn't it! It's just what I had written down from the RSVP list. Anyway, please have a look. Support the Dayton Bloggers, and go visit the Melting Pot!

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