Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Congratulations to Kara! She wins Zoya Charla!

Congratulations lucky #4 Kara! You win Zoya Charla.

Ok, so I got 7 wonderful readers to enter my contest for Charla. Double haikus or two entries were not given two numbers - one number per entry.  Your entries kept me very entertained! I am glad I did this give away with the haiku idea - I may have to use that again.

I found this to be a little happy coincidence. Kara, I know,  is not feeling too good right now and could probably use a pick me up. So I guess 4 was her lucky number!

So congratulations Kara!

For the rest of the readers... Just to give you a heads up: sometime soon, I'll be doing give aways for a few of my "backups". Let's just say there's a couple of MAC give aways I have in mind as well as a Chanel. So keep your eyes open!