Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Getting a "Reality Check" from Ginger + Liz

(whoopse... forgot the pic the first time!) I thought I should try Reality Check after my trip to Vegas.

If you know me, you know that Reality Check is far from a "reality check" for me. To me this polish is loud and totally out of my comfort zone. It's an attention grabber.

Coral, orange-pink cream. It reminds me of MAC Pink Lemonade Lipglass over Cranberry Lip Liner (try that if you hadn't, it's wonderful). Personally, I don't own a single polish like it, but I'm not a Coral person.

I had trouble with this one for some reason. Two coats, no problem. But the brush made for a messy cleanup. I kept getting too much polish on the brush! I didn't know that was possible...

Absolutely fine.

Bottom Line
She's a beauty! I could see Reality Check being really nice on the toes in the summer.