Monday, April 12, 2010

Maya Luz Makes the "Ball and Chain" Super Sexy

While I was in Vegas, something crazy happened on Project Runway - Maya Luz quit the competition! I was shocked. She was one of my favorite designers, and I thought for sure she had what it took to win. But I don't really want to talk about that because it's not very relevant. I want to talk about what I learned about Maya Luz's talent after the competition ended for her.

My friend and reader Sumo pointed me to an interview that Tom and Lorenzo did with Ms. Luz after she took herself out of the competition. In that interview they mentioned Maya Luz's bags. I had to see for myself what they were talking about.

The Original Ball and Chain - Priced at $300

I am IN LOVE with Maya Luz's awesome bags! Let me explain...


These bags are witty! How many times have we heard the expression "The old Ball and Chain"? How many times have some of us been referred to as the old "Ball and Chain"? That phrase is usually meant to refer to an attached woman that's more of a "obligation" than a "choice". Not very sexy or desirable at all! Well Maya took that phrase, turned it on it's head, made it SEXY AS HELL and created a line of purses that are actually reasonably priced. By "reasonably priced" I'm talking Coach-like prices not Louis Vuitton prices. I think it's sort of empowering, the idea of having your own sexy "ball and chain" to take with you. Yes, these bags are a little S&M, but I do think that with the right elegant outfit they would be just the right amount of S&M if you're looking to add some edge (with the possible exception of the Flail).

Contacting Maya Luz

I love it when the "important people" answer their email! I contacted Ms. Luz on using the contact form on her site and asked for some pricing information. Low and behold, only a few hours later Maya Luz herself emailed me back with detailed information and gave me permission to post it here to share with all of you. She was super sweet and professional. I did my best not to gush too much. I am a fan, after all!

If you're as smitten as I am, please read on because here is the good stuff!

Important Information

All bags are made to order. Maya requires a deposit of half the cost of the finished item. If you want to order from Maya Luz, you must use the contact form. She will send a catalog and pricing sheet and instruct you to contact her with "ORDER" as the subject of the email. Best of all she takes Paypal.

Available Styles
  • The Original Ball & Chain - $300
  • The Chain Tassel - $350
  • The Flail - $495
  • The Creature - $395
  • The Horse Hair Tassel - $350
Style Options
  • Color - Black, White, Red, Beige
  • Material - Matte, Embossed, Patent
  • Hardware - Gold or Silver
My Favorite Style

The Flail - $495
(Don't I wish I had this in Vegas?)

I am so predictable, aren't I? I would go for the most hard core of all the bags. I don't think I could pull it off - but boy do I wish I could! Seriously wish I had one of these once in a while. How practical if you're feeling insecure in bad parts of town? Talk about using your bag as a weapon! Just the thing I need to feel Bad-Ass when I know I'm totally not. However, it is a little impractical. I imagine it would be quite a difficult thing to get through security, so chances are I'll just go for the regular Original Ball and Chain when I do order.

(notice I said "when" - these are too cool for me to pass up!)

Please have a look at Maya Luz's site. Please contact her with questions. Seriously, there were too many cool images for me to show you here. I guarantee you will see a side of Maya we didn't get to see on Project Runway!

Also check out her clothing line. Don't worry - it's not as S&M as the bags. Very interesting and elegant, in my opinion, but that would be another post.