Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Pictures from My First Trip to Vegas

I thought I would show you a few pictures from my first trip to Vegas. I actually didn't take very many.

Me and the Lion

MGM Grand Lion Habitat
Even Big Kitties Need a Good Scratch

The Luxor

A funky restaurant inside the new City Center Complex
(Lots of designer stories, and more coming in all the time)

Paris (so silly!)

The Bellagio
Had to take a video of this...

They are truly as beautiful as you think, just shorter... much shorter. I chose to put my iPod headphones in and listen to Claire de Lune instead of the music provided. That was very satisfying. I could have sat their all night doing that if the fountains were permanently on.

The Beautiful Ceiling Inside the Bellagio

Staying at the MGM Grand

My husband and I stayed at the MGM Grand for 3 nights, four days. The hotel itself was probably not the greatest. Though we had a suite with their Prima package (so worth it if you're going to eat at Craftsteak and see a show in their building), the room probably could have used a little updating. That being said, I thoroughly enjoyed this hotel and it's casino. I thought the staff was very friendly and approachable. I haven't been into many casinos but the ones I have been in I have usually felt like an outsider and been ignored. Here, they just wanted to make sure I was having a good time (and losing money no doubt).

Some Things I Learned
  • Do your research on the $20 Dollar Trick (Google it - and no it doesn't always work)
  • The drinks ARE free when you gamble... but they'll be weak
  • Drinks are WAY overpriced everywhere else - $11 was the cheapest cocktail I could find in a lounge
  • No, it's really not that far when walking - everyone told me that things were further away than they appeared, and not to actually walk up and down the strip. It really wasn't that bad.
  • It's not as glamorous as you think - I expected to see sequins everywhere. I saw very few. Fewer on the showgirls, oddly enough.
  • Have your concierge work for you - get tickets through them for everything because waiting in line sucks.
  • Bellagio fountains only run every half hour until 8 pm, then every 15 minutes after 8 pm. I thought they were always on. Oh well...
  • Don't go to the buffet unless you can do it for free - play enough slots and you'll get your free buffet (and hopefully win some money)
  • Visit the Players Club at your casino - it'll be worth it (see my Free Buffet comment).
  • They won't give you a bill under your door for checkout.
  • Avoid the front desk between 10:30 am and 2 pm - they'll be swamped. Same thing with the concierge.
  • The Wynn has a Manolo store - which I didn't get to see
  • You can never see/do everything you want to on you first trip.
When we stopped by Caesar's Palace I dared my husband to go up and ask if the real Caesar lived there, but he didn't take me up on it. Oh well. So much for his fascination with "The Hangover".