Monday, April 5, 2010

Polish - OPI Mad as a Hatter

When picking out a polish for my Vegas vacation I opted for OPI Mad as a Hatter.

Sorry about the lack of clean up but for the life of me I couldn't get this sucker to clean up! I thought that was a good omen for wear, but I was mistaken. I started getting chips instantly and they continue through out the trip. Seriously, if I want something to last for four days I put on a glitter polish but this one did not perform as I had hoped. All Lacquered Up got different results - and has some good commentary on the topic of Mad as a Hatter chipping.

Silver, fuchsia, and green glitter in a clear base. Every photograph I have seen of this makes it look far darker than it actually is. Believe me when I say the silver and fuchsia are dominant in this polish. When I put it on it reminded me quite a bit of Rescue Beauty Lounge's Frugalista, though the RBL has (in my opinion) much more bling to it.

I used two coats and it was not totally opaque on my nail. This became apparent as I stared at it for the 4 hour flight over to Vegas.

Like I said, it was pretty bad on me. I used Qtica Nail Growth Stimulator and Zoya Armor top coat.

Bottom Line
Skip it if you have RBL Frugalista, but if you wanted Frugalista and found it to be too expensive (how ironic) go for this OPI.