Friday, April 30, 2010

Polish - Zoya Ivanka Is Green Foily-ish Goodness

Oddly, the most accurate picture I could get of Zoya Ivanka was indoor crappy lighting in my cubicle at work with a Flash...

Here are the outdoor ones with Flash in Sunlight that just washed this gorgeous rich green out in case you were curious.

Zoya Ivanka is a "Kelly Green" (I hope VampyVarnish doesn't take offense to that) that reminds me of fresh spring grass. The first picture at the top is m y most accurate - the green is a true green, gold flecks, very rich in color but not as much depth and interest as something like Charla. Like Charla, it is a not-quite-foil-but-so-close-it-is polish. In some lighting I do think of it as a foil. In others, not so much. Not like Zoya Rea is a foil.

Three Coats for this one at least. It was not the most pigmented polish. I don't mind - the color is worth it.

As per my usual standards for Zoya, I'm getting great wear (for me) out of it.

Bottom Line
I am not a collector of Greens. I don't have anything else like this. For me it is a must have. Please consider it if you are doing the Zoya Polish Exchange.