Monday, April 5, 2010

Pretty in Vegas - Seeing Dita Von Teese at the Crazy Horse Paris

If you've been following me on Twitter you know how excited I was to go see Dita Von Teese at the Crazy Horse Paris at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas this weekend. My husband and I planned a 3 night trip to Vegas, with this show as the centerpiece of our trip. True, the show was really an excuse to go to Vegas, but I love Burlesque and Dita would be a real thrill to see. Sadly the "Meet & Greet" package was sold out before we could get access (more on that later).

What I Wore - The Important Stuff, Right?

I agonized over what dress to bring for Vegas. In the end I chose a "I think if I walk enough before the show I'll fit into this dress" dress from Ann Taylor Loft. With the help of some shapewear I managed to squeeze into it.

I tweeted this photo before we left for dinner, saying "Yes, I know the shoes don't go". I had also mentioned @DitaVonTeese in my Tweet. Much to my surprise, she tweeted back saying "I like your shoes". Seriously, the highlight of the week! Did you hear that, Chinese Laundry? Ms. Dita Von Teese liked your Love Me's!

  • Rosette Dress from Ann Taylor Loft
  • Sweater from Ann Taylor Loft - I can't find the link right now. It might be sold out, which I find surprising because I really didn't like this sweater that much
  • Chinese Laundry Love Me shoes - which I don't think are available anymore
I'll do the Makeup look later...

Dinner Before the Show - Craftsteak

Mike and I at Craftsteak
(It's amazing my boobs stayed in my dress, right?)

We started the evening at Tom Colicchio's Craftsteak. I'm a big Top Chef fan so you know that this was the restaurant I absolutely had to go to, no matter how expensive (and boy was it expensive). We ordered the Surf and Turf tasting menu, and got a deal on it because we had the MGM Prima Card. We didn't think Craftsteak's Kobe beef was as good as the Kobe beef we had in Osaka, but then again how could it really compare? My favorite part of the meal? The Prawns. They were the best I have had since my business trip to Sevilla, Spain. The mushrooms were also fantastic - quite a variety. And I had them all to myself since Mike doesn't like mushrooms.

Next it was on to the show!

Dita Von Teese at the Crazy Horse Paris

Inside the Crazy Horse Paris

Thought you'd see some half naked show girls didn't you? Well, I wasn't allowed to take pictures once the show started. The set up really reminded me of the Moulin Rouge. I guess that must be standard for this type of a show. This picture was taken from my original seats. Yes, I said "original seats" As luck would have it, the two people sharing the four person table with us had friends who had front row seats. They chose to offer us their seats in exchange for our seats to sit with their friends. What luck! Front row seats to see Dita Von Teese and I didn't have to pay anything extra!

The show was great. Dita performed three different acts: one called "Lazy" which was full of fun and humor, a sexy smokey peep show type routine (my favorite), and her "Man Who Takes His Time" bathtub routine. You can search on You Tube and find videos if you are interested. Dita's routine is different from other burlesque shows I've seen (like Michelle l'Amour in Chicago) in that she doesn't dance much - she mostly poses. But what a body she has! She can get away with it. The only thing that was dissapointing was that her stint in the bathtub was abbreviated due to a corset lacing not being quite as cooperative as it could be. But these things happen.

The Crazy Horse Paris dancers were so much fun. According to Dita's tweeting, they have to be 5'7" at least. I thought several of them were so tall they were going to hit the lights in the ceiling with their leg kicks. Of their numbers that I remember, I liked their God Save Our Bare Skin routine, which they performed first. I also loved the number the woman did with the song about Champagne Tastes and Beer Bottle Pockets. My husband liked the Legs number which just showed girls doing a routine with their legs - but what can you expect from a guy who loves legs? Also entertaining was the lovely lady who did a little tease between various acts through the curtain.

The Men of the Crazy Horse Paris

You know who doesn't get enough publicity? The awesome comedic entertainment guys that perform at the Crazy Horse Paris while the girls take a little break. There were these two men who did the most hilarious routines - One was a dancing routine that was both funny and very strange. Almost worth the price of admission for them alone. I am pretty sure it was the same guys who performed the Michael Jackson "short" tribute. It was so wrong it was funny. I seriously don't think I've laughed that hard in months.

What Would Have Made the Show Better
  • Getting Access to the Meet and Greet
  • No Fan Dance? - I was hoping for a bit more "tease" and a good Fan Dance is great for that. Oh well, I'll just have to go see Michelle L'Amour again (who by the way will be teaching Fan Dancing at Kira's Oasis in Centerville, Oh this month).
  • A Program - I found myself wanting to know more about the wonderful dancers.
  • Cheaper Drinks - the martini I ordered was about $16. Ugh.
Anyway, if you are in Vegas for the next few days I encourage you to check out Ms. Dita Von Teese's show. Such a great time! And however beautiful you think she is in pictures or videos, she's 100 times more beautiful in person, believe me.

Now for some side notes...

Craftsteak - A Scary Incident After Dinner

After dinner I took a trip the the Ladies room before the show. While I was in a state of half-undress (removing shapewear is a nightmare with a side-zip dress, someone walked into the bathroom. They had on heavy black boots, dressed all in black, and was wearing gloves. The door to the bathroom had those slats that you can see through a bit (FAIL on the part of Craftsteak). The person quietly walked until they were standing outside my stall door standing in my direction. I stayed quiet for a moment assessing the situation. "Is someone there?" I asked. No response. The person continued to stand outside my door. Another minute went by before he (I'm sure it was he) finally left the room. My heart was pounding. When I got out of the Ladies room my husband was there and said "I was about to send in a search party" jokingly. I wish he had. I was terrified. Probably just a janitor, but my husband swears he didn't see anyone matching my description.

MGM GRAND FAIL - Trying to Get Tickets for the Meet and Greet Package with Dita Von Teese

Before the trip I had seen a tweet from Ms. Von Teese that a Meet and Greet package was available for the show. The link in her tweet lead me to Ticketmaster's website, which didn't seem to actually have any information. Upon our arrival at the MGM Grand, we ask the concierge for more information. He said it was through Ms. Von Teese's fan club and that they did not sell the tickets. Ok. So I looked up Dita Von Teese's fan club. No information. I scowered Twitter on my iPhone and found Dita Von Teese's old tweet about the upgrade and followed the links again. I noticed it had a phone number to call MGM's box office. So Mike called MGM's box office while I continued to search. They told him to get the tickets directly from the Crazy Horse Paris's box office, which they said didn't open until noon. We waited until Noon. The Crazy Horse's box office did not open as they promised. Back to the concierge - they said that the Crazy Horse's box office would not open until 3pm, but that the KA (Cirque de Soleil) Box Office functioned as the central box office until Crazy Horse Paris's box office opened. Oh boy. So we headed over to Ka's Box Office. My poor husband waited in line... and the meet and greet was sold out. We never found out how much information it would have cost even if we could have upgraded, believe it or not. I was terribly dissapointed with the whole experience. But we still got to see a good show.

Did any of the rest of you get a chance to see Ms. Von Teese? If so, how did you like her performance?