Friday, April 30, 2010

Quick Pic of Zoya Hot Lips in Brody's Girl

I am enjoying my Zoya Hot Lips. I now have 4 of them I've been using Meow the most, but my most recent acquisition was Brody's Girl. In the tube, this Hot Lips gloss reminded me of Zoya Heatwave. But it was not as pigmented. It is bright, though. If you are looking for a nice bright gloss that you can layer over something Brody's Girl is a good one.

About the Hot Lips Formula - I don't find the gloss to last any longer or any less than other glosses. It is, however, much less tacky than MAC lipglasses.  They are not very expensive, which is also a plus.

I wanted to link to the Hot Lips Page and give you the price, but  I can't find them on their site at the moment. Their online help assures me they are not going away - that they are just going through site updates. The updates should be done by the end of this weekend assuming their online help person was correct.