Monday, April 5, 2010

Review: Philosophy's Party Girl Gift Set

Look what I won from @lovephilosophy on Twitter!

One thing I love about Twitter is that if you happen to see the right tweet at the right time you can get some very cool free stuff. This just so happened to me a couple of weeks back. @lovephilosophy was giving away a bunch of items (for their birthday I believe). One tweet asked for photos of our Philosophy items. I sent in a humble picture of a couple of my 3-in-1s and low and behold, I won.

The Party Girl Gift Set
This gift set is available on for $35 and in a white bag from Sephora for $35.
What comes inside of this little clutch is a treasure trove of Pomegranate Bubbly items. There's an exfoliating shower gel, a moisturizer, and a lipgloss.

Pomegranante Bubbly Exfoliating Shower Gel
This fruity smelling concoction lathers up nicely in my loofah. It has little exfoliating beads in it which I found too few and far between for really good exfoliating. Plus, if I'm using a loofah for the shower gel anyway, why would need exfoliating beads? All in all, I must admit this shower gel was a delight to use - it brought a smile to my face and I definitely felt like I was pampering myself.

Pomegranate Bubbly Body Lotion
I have very dry skin, so I'm harsh on my moisturizers. I'm going to be harsh on this one: I wish it focused more on moisture instead of making my body shimmer with micro-glitter. In truth it did neither very well. It was adequate, but I prefer my Rescue Beauty Lounge Body Butter (which I got for much cheaper on Hautelook)

Pomegranate Lip Gloss
Ah, lip gloss! No matter the gloss it usually makes me smile. This was no exception. While the pigment wasn't as much as I had hoped for given the gorgeous deep berry it appears to be in the tube, it does apply glittery shine well and isn't very sticky at all. Plus, there's the wonderful smell/taste. I must admit, gloss like this always throws me for a loop because it's like having a flavorful treat on the lips. It's a little distracting actually. But overall, this would be great on top of a lipstick. You're not going to get the color you crave right out of the tube.

Anyway, thank you @lovephilosophy! I always love trying new things!

By the way, if you get this gift set, please take the time to read the text on the shower gel and moisturizer. It is very uplifting and at least made me re-evaluate my attitude toward myself and my life for the duration of my cleansing routine.