Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Window Shopping - Anthropologie Dresses

Every once in a while, Anthropologie puts forth something to sell that absolutely slays me. I just about died when I saw this dress:

Edme & Esyllte Salty Seas Dress
At Anthropologie for $138

Those are freaking LOBSTERS on that dress!!! OMG! Maybe because the dress design was so simple they felt they had to go for an off the wall print? Reader Kara suggested perhaps it would be good for a Lobster Dinner if you were trying to coordinate, but I wouldn't want white around that mess. And I'm sure there's some gorgeous woman out there who could totally rock this, but still... LOBSTERS???

However, there are some fun dresses too...

Traced Twirls Dress
At Anthropology for $158

And if you're in to the Maxi Dress look...

Marimekko Rustling Treetops Dress
at Anthropolgie for $188

I really love the bitter green shade in that dress. For some reason the neckline appeals to me as well.

But I still don't understand the lobsters.