Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Zoya Nail Polish Exchange is Back!!!

No doubt announced because of Earth Day, yesterday Zoya announced on their Blog that they ware doing the Nail Polish exchange again this year. This is an excellent opportunity to try the brand and get rid of some of those old bottles that are cluttering your stash. I myself took part (twice I believe) last year.

The Rules
  • Return old polish bottles to Zoya (not Zoya, Qtica, or Nocti polishes) to Zoya.
  • Pay $3.50 for each new color you want to exchange each bottle for - one bottle, one new color
  • There is a 6 bottle minimum- no doubt due to they are shipped I'm guessing.
  • Offer ends June 30.
Please visit Zoya's site for more details. Here is the direct link to the Exchange Page. The above image is from their blog, by the way.

Now, just to give you some food for thought here are some of my Zoya favs you might consider trading in your sad, old, over used, or really bad purchases (I'm looking at YOU Lippmann Funky Chunky) polishes for:

And you just saw the lovely Charla, so I won't repost her today...

Sadly, I couldn't find a pic of Zoya Anastasia - my all time Zoya favorite. Or Zoya Divincia. Or Irene!!! Where are my old favs??? I think I have more Zoya manis I need to do for you. I haven't been wearing a lot of my favorites because I thought I had already reviewed them. I guess I was mistaken. I guess I am in for some Zoya fun coming up!

Don't Forget! I'm Giving Zoya Charla Away!!!