Friday, May 14, 2010

Amber, Christine, and Meliestar! You win my Backups!

Thank you to everyone who participated in my contest to Win My Backups. The winners have been notified and need to get back to me with their contact details but the following people have won:

Amber wins MAC Parrot!
Her Entry: Haiku

If I win Parrot
I promise I will wear it
pretty Spring eye color

Christine wins MAC Petticoat!
Her Entry: Limerick

The prime minister of England once said a quote,
"Hurry young lads, we must run to the sea boat!"
Their running begun,
but the deed had been done,
He had been wearing a petticoat.

Meliestar wins Chanel Kaleidoscope
Her Entry: Couplet

Kaleidoscope your small name is not yet unicorn pee
But I would love you as if you were Clarins two thirty

I was totally baffled when out of TONS of Kaleidoscope Limericks (which counted 5 times) entries the random number generator landed on one of the only person to have a couplet entry (which only counted 1 time). Awesome luck to her!

(by the way, you three have a week to get back to me - if you don't, I'm reassigning the prize!)

My Favorite Entry Goes to JoeyBunny:

My pink petticoat is so frilly.
When I wear it, I never feel silly.
Yet people stop and stare,
But hey, I don't care -
I can't help that my name's Billy!

Please have a look at the thread. With 65 comments, you all pulled out some really awesome fun poetry and kept me very entertained. I am grateful to Michelle of All Lacquered Up for publicizing my contest - without her, I doubt there would have been quite so many Chanel Kaleidoscope limericks!

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you all for reading! If you have any fun suggestions for contests, please let me know. I'm sure you guys will get sick of poetry at some point! :)