Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Happy Quatro de Mike-o Day!

It's Quatro de Mike-o Day! What is that? Well, it's my husband's birthday. He feels his birthday is important enough to be a big holiday so I'm giving it a name. Since it's almost Cinco de Mayo, I guess Quatro de Mike-o works for me! He likes to think it's as big of a celebration but it isn't. It means a lot to me (and to him) than the rest of the world. So I celebrate it here on my blog just a little bit.

Last year I had a big day dedicated my husband's birthday by highlighting Mike's favorite beauties. I don't have anything  nearly as cool this year. Time and work, broken tv, etc. didn't really allow allow me to do anything special. Plus, hey... I took him to Vegas.

In the mean time, Happy Birthday, honey!

Tomorrow we'll have margaritas but for a very different reason.