Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Messing Around - Silver Eye Look

I got bored last night waiting for Lost to come on TV. So rather than sit on the couch playing Texas Hold 'Em on my iPhone I chose to play with my makeup collection.

How many of you own that Kevin Aucoin book Making Faces? Pretty ubiquitous, I know. But if you don't have the book, check it out. It's a little outdated, but it's still a classic full of classic looks and just an amazingly fun book to have.

I keep trying to recreate the look Kevin Aucoin did on Jewel in that book. It's a gorgeous brown metallic smokey eye that I just can't recreate. I think it looks more silver in the photo too - so I wanted to try something silver.

What I ended up with sort of sucks, in my opinion. But it was fun playing around. A little too shiny - I have to work on that.

So I guess this is what I'm doing in my free time when I'm totally bored - screwing up stuff I should just leave to Making Faces.

  • MAC Fluidline in Silverstroke - used as base
  • MAC Pigment in Softwashed Grey - used on top of Silverstroke, also used under eye
  • MAC Pigment in Coco - In crease
  • MAC Eye Shadow in Next to Nothing - Brow highlight
  • MAC Eye Kohl in Smolder - around the entire eye, smudged heavily.
  • MAC Eye Shadow in Charred - patted onto the Smolder to blend and smudge
  • MAC Plushlash Mascara in Plushblack