Friday, May 14, 2010

Polish - Color Club Utra Violet

This is by far one of the wackiest, strangest, bizarre polishes I have ever worn:

You're getting more picks because I just couldn't get a handle on this.


The day I wore this to work (yes I wore it to work) my nails were quite a topic of discussion. Terri said they were like her "Jem Bracelet" (a piece of jewelry she made that I thought reminded me of Jem and the Holograms), Kara just stared at it and said "80s", and Michelle said it reminded her of "80s Barbie Chiffon Dresses". Personally, I think it's like MAC Stars 'n Rockets if you were to layer it partially over black (it's a duochrome shadow that does some strange things over black, like turning pink to blue).

Fuchsia pink base, almost jelly-like, with light blue duochrome finish. One of the strongest duochromes I have ever seen. You can't miss it no matter what light you're in. The color-combo together is so over the top it practically glows. But I don't know why they call it "Ultra Violet". To me, there's nothing "violet" about it. It's more fuchsia.

Three coats, at least. But worth it.

With Qtica Nail Growth Stimulator and Seche vite on top, I got a chip after one day of wear on my thumb. Bu the rest was fine.

Bottom Line
Not for everyone, but certainly unique.

I keep wanting to call it "ultra violent", which is probably wrong.