Thursday, May 20, 2010

Polish - Zoya Alegra

When I hear the word "Alegra" I often think of a song I had to play while taking violin lessons as a child (Suzuki method). I think it was spelled "Allegra" however.  For a long time, that song was my favorite to play because it went very fast in comparison to the other songs in Book 1. This polish is much more exciting than that song ever was to play.

Deep fuchsia with glitter. Packed with sparkle! I didn't originally think I would purchase this one because I have so many other pink or red glitters but I thought it might be different enough to pick up. For me it was different than anything else I own.

Alegra could have used 3 coats. I only used two. My application is patchy on some nails.

Very well. I actually let a friend of mine use this polish before me and she had it on her nails for a week at least.

Bottom Line
I'm in love with Alegra. I would suggest purchasing her if you're on the fence.