Monday, May 17, 2010

Polish - Zoya Ivy

I was specifically thinking of reader Faith J. when I chose to wear this polish. For those of you looking for an idea for the Zoya Exchange but are tired of straight pinks/reds but don't wear vampy crazy colors very much, here's  Zoya Ivy:

And an outdoor pic...

There's no secret: I love the Zoya Magique collection. It's probably my favorite collection out of any line of all time. Ivy is one of those polishes. She's not my favorite, but she's a great color to have.

Orange brown with shimmer. I know my pictures look more red-pink in some light, those colors are in there, but there's no mistaking the orange base in this one. It's like Zoya Anastasia with an orange-brown base instead of a plumb-brown base.

I used two coats here. Ivy is a little thinner than her sister Anastasia - you could give her 3 coats.Well at least my bottle is a little thinner.

Great for my nails, like a dream. I get chipping after 3 days no matter what I do, so you know I am happy if I make it through the night with no wear.

Bottom Line
Like I said, good buy if you want something other than a straight red/pink but don't want to go too far into strange colors.  Plus, Ivy's just gorgeous!