Saturday, May 22, 2010

Polish - Zoya Lola (a.k.a Twin Sister to OPI Pompeii Purple)

I don't know how a polish can be both a "Cream" and a "Duochrome" but here's the proof the concept exists.

Zoya Lola is, in my eyes, the younger sister of Zoya Layla (The Power Pink). Younger sister because she has just a little more "pop" and "pizazz" and doesn't quite know what she wants to be when she grows up (Cream Polish or Duochrome). Maybe she's content being both. But here's the thing: She our little Lola has a twin sister: OPI Pompeii Purple. I kid you not - they're nearly indistinguishable. I'll do a comparison sometime for you.

Hot pink cream, base that is nearly identical to Zoya Layla, but it has this overtone duochrome of blue-purple. The effect is very cool.

As you can tell, I had some difficulty. I think this has to do with my bottle being very old. I used three coats to apply it, and it didn't dry very easily (thus the mishap on my index finger). But under normal circumstances I expect this would be a two coater.

As with most Zoya colors, I have not had a problem with the wear. On me, I can get 3 days of good wear. On normal people, I bet you could go a lot longer.

Bottom Line
You don't need Lola if you have OPI Pompeii Purple, but I think I prefer Lola. You may not need Lola if you have Layla, unless you want the duochrome finish.

The Evil Twin - just silly
According to my husband, if there are twins one of them is always evil. According to him, The Evil Twin is the one that "came out on the left". Go figure.  Between OPI Pompeii Purple and Zoya Lola? I may have to do some testing to see which one is the Evil Twin.
(Note: Having known several sets of twins, I don't believe in my husband's Evil Twin theory).