Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Polish - Zoya Malia and comparison with Perrie

Hot damn! I think this is the best my nails have looked in a long while...

It's amazing what the right polish at the right time can do for your nails (and your mood). Think this was named after Malia Obama? Probably. I'm guessing so.

Light Purple Lilac. My picture actually turned out a little more blue than Malia looks indoors. It's actually a touch warmer than my pic.

Two coats cream dream. I didn't even do any touch up on my nails.

Staying on strong like a good Zoya polish does. I do have a little bit of tip wear the second day, but it's not bad at all. Certainly not enough to make me want to change my polish.

Bottom Line
Malia is a good solid choice.

Comparison with Perrie
As luck would have it, Zoya sent me the following swatch set for Sparkle and Shine with my recent Hotlips order.

(I may reconsider not purchasing Flash after seeing this set) 

While gushing over the fact that they sent this (yay to the marketing team!) I took the opportunity to compare Malia with Perrie.

As you can see Perrie is a lot lighter than Malia and a little more red, but sort of in the same family. I think they would make an interesting Konad pair if anyone were up to the challenge.

Psst! Zoya - you can send me swatches like this ANYTIME you want! I love it!