Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Polish - Zoya Shivon (Twin Sister to China Glaze Awakening)

You know how I called China Glaze Awakening "Princess Leia in the Gold Bikini"? Well, Zoya Shivon is "Princess Leia Kicking Ass in the Gold Bikini:

She's kicking ass in the Gold Bikini because she's a bit darker and more vibrant, by the way. Here are some more images:

I love this color so much I had to have it from two different brands! Ha! Now if only I could get this exact color in a Lipstick...

Rose Gold duochrome. It's like that gold bikini and that skirt morphed into one color. LOVE! also a good choice for people who are tired of your standard Pinks and Reds because this color has a bit of spunk.

Two coats, no problems.

Has the usual Zoya wear on me - perfectly long wearing. For me that means I need to replay it on Day 3 at the latest.

Bottom Line
You don't need it if you have China Glaze Awakening, but if you don't have either this is the one I would get.

If you do know of a lipstick this shade, let me know immediately! Thank you.

See my comparison for Shivon and Awakening.