Monday, May 3, 2010

Pretty Outside My House - The Landscaping is DONE!!!

If you've been reading this blog for a while, I may have mentioned the landscaping project we took on in September last year. Well, I am happy to report that we are finally finished with everything that was in "The Plan". The Plan was created by Tony at Beyond the Greenhouse in Springboro, Oh. We asked for something that would be low maintenance with the restriction that we couldn't change much of our bed design due to where all the cables and pipes are running through our lawn.Of course, just because The Plan is finished doesn't mean we won't do more...

Anyway, all of this (except the big tree) is new, so enjoy the pics!

That's a Hydrangea tree there... nervous about that addition. We'll see how it does. It looked gorgeous when it was put in last fall.

The plum tree bloomed earlier this spring.

 I love my dwarf lilacs.

The area up by the lampost by the sidewalk was finished this weekend. It contains Huron Maiden Grass, Salvia, Sedum Vera Jamison, and a Boxwood. It's not pretty yet, but it will be in the fall!

Now a "Rockstar Clematis" Update

We have a Clematis that we used to call the "Rockstar". It was one of the biggest and bushiest Clematis's on our street, if not the biggest. Then a snow plow or mail truck (maybe both) took out the mailbox in front of our house. In the process of replacing the mailbox, my husband damaged the Clematis's root ball so badly we didn't even hope for recovery.

Well, I am happy to say that our Rockstar Clematis, after sitting it out a few years, is trying to make a comeback...

I told my husband we need to call it "Steven Tyler" because of Aerosmith's many comebacks. But I also love Steven too much to call him "washed up" just yet. What can I say? I've seen them over 10 times in concert and I would continue to do so (if they didn't keep canceling Cinci/Dayton area).