Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Prom in Dayton - The Ride and Other Things

Now this is something you don't see every day...

I don't have pretty dresses for you right now but I just wanted to show this shot and talk about The Ride. Happened to see this when I was waiting in line to get in to the Althea Harper Trunk Show and snapped the pic. Wow have limos come a long way since I went to prom! When I went to the Prom - the first time we had a limo and there was nothing special about it. What was special was that I was a sophomore in a limo full of seniors (no one but seniors could go unless they were invited by a senior at my school). I remember stepping out of that limo in my giant-ass skirt and running up the steps of the Michigan Union (Ann Arbor) and feeling like Cinderella - showing up someplace I wasn't expected to looking fabulous and totally single. The experience totally overwhelmed me and that we had a limo as our coach was the icing on the cake. I was just having a good time. I think that was true for all of us riding in that car that night - just friends having a unbelievably good time. Of course, my date had asked to be his girlfriend afterward and sort of ruined that evening because I wasn't interested - so I leave that out of my happy memory of my first Prom.

The second time I went to Prom (when I actually was a senior), we didn't even take a limo. We took my boyfriend's P.O.S. car which he lovingly referred to as "The Hamster" because it ran like there were hamster wheels powering it.  This was just fine with me because I was going to the Prom with my oh-so-wonderful boyfriend. I was so happy, I totally didn't care what we arrived in. Who I was going with was the big deal to me - we hadn't really told that many people we were dating (for stupid high school "political" reasons) and this was our "coming out" party, so to speak. I wouldn't have cared if we'd had to rollerblade to Prom - actually, I probably would have thought that was pretty cool.

So do you really need a limo? No,  you really don't. But you might want it depending on your circumstances. If you're going from my experience - you only need one if you're a going with a group of friends and someone there is trying to impress the girl and possibly date her later. That being said, there is something special about arriving in style. So if you were in the group that chose the Pink Ride, you totally score points with me for going that extra mile. It is a little ridiculous though - but fun ridiculous!

Incidentally, of the Prom Dresses I saw that night I did notice the following Trends:
  • Floor length (duh, and THANK GOODNESS)
  • Sequins, but not on the entire dress (more like an embelishment)
  • Prints for Formal Wear!!! (totally into this and wish I had pictures)
  • Silhouette - the simple straight gown seemed to be very popular. With criss-crossing straps in the back. Nice to know my prom dress would have fit in today (though mine didn't have rhinestones).
As for the boys, there is a trend that I noticed: There is always some silly *coughfuturedouchecough* wearing a white tux who thinks he's the sh*t. Usually with a pimp hat. And his lady spends the rest of the night trying to keep him from getting his white tux dirty. This was true when when I went to the prom, and still seems to be the true today. Also still popular - little boys in silly looking zoot suits. I think it's nice they are having fun  because they probably won't have as much fun with their other formal attire in their life but sometimes I think these little miniature men should go with the KISS approach. Keep It Simple Stupid!

Also stupid: Choosing the Cheesecake Factory for Prom when it doesn't take reservations. Go somewhere that takes reservations! Don't make your ladies wait, fellas! Ladies, if you're doing the planning, you should know you don't want to stand around in heels.

I know. I get mean when talking about Prom. No, I don't have any particular reason. I'll shut up now.