Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Quest For My Pretty: Shakeology Cleanse Day 1 Done!

I just finished my last shake. I think it was an ok day but I was going crazy all morning with hunger. My stomach even growled quite a bit. True, I was thinking about food so much it was worse than usual.

The salad at lunch instead of dinner totally saved me. We have a great salad bar at work and I took advantage of it. I put together a $7 salad (quite a bit - our cafeteria is very reasonable in price most of the time). Chicken was my protein of choice.

At 3:00 pm I swear there were 3 people in my cube row eating potato chips. I am craving crunchy/salty so this was TORTURE! I was also trying to put off eating my fruit as long as possible. I made it until 4:15.

Two shakes and a cup of greentea once I got home was easy. Too easy. Because I am not feeling hungry right now I fear I won't lose any weight. But you never know!

I'll check in again tomorrow!

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