Thursday, May 13, 2010

Quest For My Pretty - Shakeology Cleanse Day 2

As I was standing in the cafeteria line to get my chicken for my salad, I made a comment to Kara about how much I wanted bacon. She promptly showed me her shirt.

No I didn't bow to the bacon temptation. I only had one minor transgression - I grabbed some Ranch dressing to dip the chicken in and the cafeteria was out of low fat. But I didn't have much of it - maybe a teaspoon in total (dipping means lightly touching for me here).

So how was today? Ok. Morning is the worst part. I am like an ogre and very hungry in the morning. After the salad lunch I am fine - so I tried to move as many meetings as possible to after lunch!

I have been having muscle cramps today. Not sure if it's related, but I find it oddly coincidental. They were in strange muscle groups too. Am I getting too much or too little of something? I don't know. But I am craving salty chips!

I was reflecting on yesterday. The little I ate made me realize how little I really need. Not that I would EVER eat this little all the time, but can I do better? Probably. Why is it so important for me to eat so much (particularly when I am out)? Why do I always have to finish the bottle of wine/sake I opened (do I really have to open one as often as I have been the last few months)? I need to remember these days and use them for will power.

Keri finished her cleanse yesterday, by the way. She is feeling great and lost 4 lbs! She did do moderate exercise (I have not). Way to go Keri!!!

Wouldn't it be nice to be out of the 200s?

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