Thursday, May 20, 2010

Quest for My Pretty - Shakeology Cleanse One Week Later

Hey everyone!

I thought after my very quick drop of 5 lbs on the Shakeology Cleanse I would stop back in and let you know how I am doing now.

  • Yes, I have gained some weight back. But I expect this is because a lot of what I lost during the Shakeology cleanse was probably water. 
  • Cravings - these are practically gone. I haven't eaten ice cream all week (though I did have desert at The Melting Pot Dayton yesterday). I haven't had coffee in a week. For me that is huge. Actually, chocolate probably is the only craving I can't ditch but my shake partially takes care of that for me.
  • No, I haven't exercised yet. But I'm planning on it! I promise! Purchased Turbo Jam from to get me started.
  • I am still drinking a Shakeology shake every morning.
  • I am still drinking Green Tea every day. In fact, reader Spudsbud and I have made a pact to try to work Green Tea into our routine just because it's better than a lot of other stuff.
  • I have been consuming at least one piece of fruit a day instead of chips or something else. 
  • I had my first alcoholic beverage last night - I haven't been wanting to drink it as much as I did before the cleanse. This may change as I also picked up a bottle of Prosecco and two bottles of Sake last night. But we'll see. Trying to be better about this.
 Still haven't had soda since, what, March?

Anyway, I very much want to do another one of these Cleanses because of how good I felt afterward. I don't know how often you can do them, though. I do wonder if the Shakeology is responsible for my craving reduction, as it claims to reduce cravings. Still doesn't mean I like the healthy food any better though!

Current Weight: 203.2 lbs