Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Tokidoki Display At My Local Sephora

Last week during my trip to the Greene for the Althea Harper Trunk Show I also stopped in Sephora, of course. They were introducing their latest family member: Tokidoki. I had never tried Tokidoki before and I didn't have time to play with too much while I was there, but the clerk said the Perfetto Eyeliner Pens were amazing.

Here are just some pictures of the display:

I did get a chance to play a bit with some of the eye shadows. For those of you who are brown/taupe lovers, you really may want to think about Chromatico Eyeshadow in Bulleto. I think that was the one I was entranced with. I may pick it up myself.

If you have had experience with Tokidoki please, let me know what you thought of the line in comments below. I may have to pick up some goodies the next time I have some spare cash.