Monday, May 24, 2010

Window Shopping: Alexander McQueen on Gilt

Now, I'm not going to say too much, but I was browsing the Alexander McQueen sale on Gilt today and a few things stood out (both good and bad). Obviously, the price is way more than I would ever be able to afford. So I quickly took some pics and thought I'd share with you what stood out to me. In retrospect, after grabbing these images from Gilt, clearly I'm being drawn to silhouette right now.

It's not the print that is interesting here, but the way the hips are designed. You'll see that echoed in several other things I chose to look at further. 

This jacket was interesting because it looked to me like it was doing the same thing structurally to the shoulders that was being done to the hips in the previous dress. The print here, really does call attention to itself - you'll see an example further down of why it interests me.

Sort of "The Matrix goes to Prom" and I'd totally be on board with that except I don't like the shoes chosen for this look. Personally, I'd like the skirt to be shorter, but I think it is the length that makes it interest here. But ugh on the shoes with that dress!

This is what I was saying about that print! This look reminds me of a moth or bones or something scary. I find it nearly impossible to take my eyes away from it because I find this piece so disturbing. The structure of the jacket really adds to that feel for me and emphasizes the sharpness and harshness - almost a bug-like quality. Easily my favorite of the selection on Gilt just because it makes me think about aliens.

Sort of ethereal don't you think?

Here's that alien-bug print but with color. I threw this in just to contrast. I think I like the tan version better but this dress would just be fun to wear, I think. Not too wild about the fabric loops on the back - I don't want to keep checking myself to make sure my dress didn't catch on anything . (You will see this detail in several of the other items on Gilt). 

No, just no. I don't care who you are (alive or dead) Shiny harem pants = no! The poor model looks like she has chicken legs!

And of course there is a dress that is just gorgeous and simple, redeeming the Harem Pants. Well maybe not entirely. But I love this dress. I have several friends I'd love to see this on. Sorry I don't have the cash to buy it for them.

Anyway, did you check out Alexander McQueen on Gilt today? If so, what did you think?

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All images from Gilt Group.